I am a postdoc in Linguistics at Aarhus Universitet, housed in the Interacting Minds Centre. Previously, I was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University (2015-2018) and taught linguistics as a lecturer at UCSD (2014-2015). I received my PhD from the University of Chicago in 2015. My research focuses on meaning in natural language (semantics and pragmatics), and often involves linguistic fieldwork and computational methods. My dissertation research was funded by the Mellon Foundation and the National Science Foundation (NSF grant BCS-132434).


Public talk April 2: Causal necessity without causal sufficiency: The implications of causative get. NYU Philosophy of Language Workshop 

Conference talk April 20: Adjective Specific Intensification in Wolof. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 36.

Public talk April 23. Caribbean nostalgias: Ideophones and the affective history of slavery. (Joint work with Jonathan Schroeder, University of Warwick). Stanford Humanities Center 

Conference talk April 28: Expressive modifiers of manner and degree. 54th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

Workshop organizer July 5-6: Ideophones in the Language Sciences20th Internal Congress of Linguists.

Conference talk July 5: Ideophonic modifiers and the limits of mimesis. 20th Internal Congress of Linguists. (Ideophones in the Language Sciences Workshop)

Conference talk July 6: Ideophones as mixed expressives. 20th Internal Congress of Linguists. (Morphology and Syntax session)