I am a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University in the Linguistics Department. I received my PhD from the University of Chicago in 2015 and previously taught linguistics as a lecturer at UCSD (2014-2015). My work focuses on semantics and its interface with morphology and syntax, and relies heavily on typological considerations and data from less commonly studied languages.  I have been conducting fieldwork on the Senegambian language Wolof since 2010. My dissertation research on the language was funded by the Mellon Foundation and NSF grant BCS-132434.  From March 2011-March 2013, I was the Bloch Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America.


Public talk April 2: Causal necessity without causal sufficiency: The implications of causative get. NYU Philosophy of Language Workshop 

Conference talk April 20: Adjective Specific Intensification in Wolof. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 36.

Public talk April 23. Caribbean nostalgias: Ideophones and the affective history of slavery. (Joint work with Jonathan Schroeder, University of Warwick). Stanford Humanities Center 

Conference talk April 28: Expressive modifiers of manner and degree. 54th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

Workshop organizer July 5-6: Ideophones in the Language Sciences20th Internal Congress of Linguists.

Conference talk July 5: Ideophonic modifiers and the limits of mimesis. 20th Internal Congress of Linguists. (Ideophones in the Language Sciences Workshop)

Conference talk July 6: Ideophones as mixed expressives. 20th Internal Congress of Linguists. (Morphology and Syntax session)