Bahasa Indonesia lesson. Yogyakarta, Java.

Bahasa Indonesia lesson. Yogyakarta, Java.

I am a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University in the Linguistics Department. I received my PhD from the University of Chicago in 2015 and previously taught linguistics as a lecturer at UCSD (2014-2015). My work focuses on semantics and its interface with morphology and syntax, and relies heavily on typological considerations and data from less commonly studied languages.  I have been conducting fieldwork on the Senegambian language Wolof since 2010. My dissertation research on the language was funded by the Mellon Foundation and NSF grant BCS-132434.  From March 2011-March 2013, I was the Bloch Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America.


Teaching: LINGUIST 272: Structure of African Languages: Semantic Topics. Stanford University.

Conference talk: ‘The semantics of quotative ideophones’. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26. 5.12.2016.

Conference talk: ‘Ideophones in Wolof’. Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL) 37. 3.25.2016.

Invited talk: ‘The performative lexicon: Investigating ideophones in African languages’. Africa Table, Stanford Center for African Studies. 3.2.2016.

Invited talk: ‘How to quote a sensation: Speech reports and the semantics of ideophones’. Berkeley Syntax and Semantics Circle. 2.12.2016.

Teaching: LINGUIST/ANTHRO 274a and 274b (two quarters): Linguistic Field Methods. Stanford University. Language: Amharic.

Invited talks: ‘Wolof bu xóót: Fieldwork on “deep” Wolof in rural Senegal’. Stanford Fieldwork Workshop 11.18.2015 and Berkeley Fieldwork Forum. 12.1.2015.

Degree: PhD from University of Chicago. August 2015.

Publication: Baglini, R. and I. Francez. ‘The implications of managing’. The Journal of Semantics.

Postdoc: Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Fellowship, Stanford University.  2015-2018.

Conference talk: ‘Property concepts and non-mereological semantics in Wolof’.  SALT 25.  5.18.2015

Conference talk: ‘Reference to states across lexical categories’. GLOW Workshop: States and Events.  4.18.2015

Invited talk: ‘The semantics of property concepts’. Linguistics Department Colloquium talk at University of California, San Diego.  12.1.2014

Job: Lecturer in Linguistics, University of California, San Diego.  July 2014-June 2015.

Fieldwork: Dissertation fieldwork on Wolof in Senegal (funded by NSF grant BCS-1324343) and France (funded by the France Chicago Center).  November 2013-August 2014.