• Born May 24, 1986.
  • Grew up outside Philadelphia, PA. (Mostly failed to acquire the local dialect, though, except for the occasional short-o, e.g. [fɑ:rhɛd], [ɑ:rɪndʒɛs].)
  • Was an unschooler/autodidact up until college.
  • Went to Bryn Mawr (which really is just how E.B. White describes it). Planned to major in Classics until realizing that all I cared about was the grammar. Finally discovered the Linguistics program at Swarthmore and never looked back.
  • Started PhD program in Linguistics at UChicago in the Fall of 2008.
  • Likes: LaTeX, documentaries, 20th c. classical music, learning to speak Wolof, farmers’ markets, traveling.